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Company Profile

Our company was established and managed by Asi Ervin, an interior designer and contractor registered with the Registrar of Contractors. Certification holder – contractor 100, skeleton contractor and foreman of the Ministry of Industry.

Ofek Design was established in 1996 and has placed the estmost value in providing service, professionalism, integrity and love of the profession. Furthermore, sees the work process as a shared experience of doing with the customer. From the introductory meeting to the finished piece. We believe that the entire construction and renovation process can be enjoyed and not just the end result.

Construction contractor, supervision and project management

The uncompromising combination of meticulous management to the smallest details, professionalism, close guidance in the process and meeting deadlines brings to an end the various projects while meeting all the objectives and strict quality control.

Our company specializes in finishing work, additions to construction, renewal of apartments and houses, renovation of luxury homes and management of complex construction and renovation projects.

A combination of architect, contractor and client fulfilling a dream together.

We are a company that provides all services, management, accompaniment and execution, under one roof, the customer’s interest is our main interest. A calm and interesting honest process and our service continues long after the process is over – no it’s not a dream it’s us and it happens!